Find your Rhythm

By Aakaash Meduri
September 17, 2019

Living a healthy life is challenging. There are many tools available that can help manage aspects of your health. To name a few, mood journals, workout diaries, wearable devices, etc. However, it’s difficult to see the pros and cons of our daily actions without careful tracking and data analysis across multiple tools. Imagine being able to understand the difference between working out in the morning vs. the evening. Or whether that afternoon coffee you love so much has a negative impact on your sleep. The possibilities are endless…

Rhythm Health is building an application that simplifies the process of understanding your health. The initial builds will rely on daily qualitative measures such as answering questions like “Did I eat healthy today?” and basic quantitative questions. Check out the image below for an example module design for Sleep. Over time, we will create connections to other tools like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal to produce more specific insights. We will provide individually tailored answers to questions such as “How does eating a carb heavy lunch affect my afternoon productivity?” or “How can I increase my energy on Mondays?”.

Ultimately, Rhythm Health will tie together a diverse group of data sources—from 23andMe genome sequencing and body fat percentage to diet and Facebook usage—to paint a complete picture of health. We will generate insights at the individual and population levels and empower everyone to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

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  • Pandu Yelamanchili
    September 18, 2019 Reply

    Excellent concept !!. Looking forward for the application .

  • Narayana Meduri
    September 18, 2019 Reply


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